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At Pramana, the learning happens in many different methods. The student will have an active participation in lectures, seminars, tutorials, via student presentations, debates and in practical sessions.

The parents can monitor their child’s personal development as the student acquires study skills, and to develop his critical thinking. Methods include direct reading, reflective exercises, lesson-planning, and daily / weekly / monthly assessments.

Pramana valuable credentials:

Pramana, has its methodology of teaching the students such as I-20 and Tipage Methodology.

I-20 Module

Every day after finishing the class, the student will have a worksheet for that same class. If a student gets 25 minutes for the class exploitation, 20 minutes will be for working on the worksheets where the student will learn then and there. Then the discussion will be made on that particular topic about the performance of the students.

 Tripage Methodology

A unique stature of dividing a book into three parts and explaining in more logical or practical or digital way, which is totally different from traditional / conventional academic methodology.

Also Pramana is bonded on the principles which teach moral values and social living.