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Pramana, the Educational Services Academy, with its core values focused on training the students for academic excellence & competitive exam preparation along with career guidance with all set of skills.

Pramana, functions under its own methodologies of teaching, learning, & practicing to succeed among the crowd of competition in the modern, fast-paced world of education with the principle of preparing its students as Next Generation Professionals.

Pramana, believes that induction of Digital Education is inevitable in this modern and competitive world. It follows the principle of the refashioning of education. It believes in Modern Education rather than the conventional old pattern of education.

By inducting Digital Classes, Pramana makes the teachings interactive and interesting for the Students tend to be more attentive & focused  towards conceptual learning.

The teaching methodology at Pramana, is specially designed for Next Generation with a Motto of Revolution in Education.

Our Teaching Methodology

At Pramana, the learning happens in many different methods. The student will have an active participation in lectures, seminars, tutorials, via student presentations, debates and in practical sessions.

The parents can monitor their child’s personal development as the student acquires study skills, and to develop his critical thinking. Methods include direct reading, reflective exercises, lesson-planning, and daily / weekly / monthly assessments.

Pramana valuable credentials:

Pramana, has its methodology of teaching the students such as I-20 and Tipage Methodology.

I-20 Module

Every day after finishing the class, the student will have a worksheet for that same class. If a student gets 25 minutes for the class exploitation, 20 minutes will be for working on the worksheets where the student will learn then and there. Then the discussion will be made on that particular topic about the performance of the students.

 Tripage Methodology

A unique stature of dividing a book into three parts and explaining in more logical or practical or digital way, which is totally different from traditional / conventional academic methodology.

Also Pramana is bonded on the principles which teach moral values and social living.

Objectives of Pramana

  • Pramana, is a promise to guarantee holistic quality of education targeting the all-round development of its students, using their best skills.
  • We at Pramana, gives its students a strong academic base that is inevitable for any student for a career of par excellence, like a strong building always require strong base and strong pillars.
  • Pramana also believes that the education must be sustained to help the students to implement the concepts in higher education like engineering, medicine along with career and also in their practical life as well.
  • We consider the teacher-student ratio as most significant, hence we admit only 1:12 teacher-students ratio in a batch so that every student gets a personalized attention. This becomes possible in small batches.
  • Pramana, maintains a performance chart for each student through which the strength and weak points of each student can be analyzed and improved from time to time. This gives the students a good opportunity at Pramana to crack top rank in any tough examination in this world of cut throat competition.
  • Pramana, encourages innovations which will guide the students to their success.
  • Our faculties are dedicated to implement innovative ideas in teaching and to make the learning pattern easy and bring spark in the minds of young students to empower them to deliver their best.
  • Technical talks with experienced persons or employees of government and private established organizations are made to fill the gap between academia and employment opportunities.

Pramana’s Vision & Mission


Pramana Education Academy, started with a vision to deliver its students with a strong education base to become as Next Generation Leaders to excel in their careers. Thus, it is sure that Pramana is going to be The benchmark for similar organizations.

  • Our vision to serve the nurture every student to overcome the uncertainty about their future in their mind.
  • Pramana, foresees the bright future of every student, through its hard-work and smart work by the induction of Digital Technologies into its teaching pattern.
  • Students at Pramana, are confident about their endeavors and their future. Thereby Learning is transformed into practical life of each student to flourish as a responsible citizen in the global community.


Pramana works serving education to all through innovative & flexible learning resulting in self-fulfillment and competitiveness in an increasingly competitive society.

  • Pramana transforms ideologies into implementations through knowledge, quality, innovation and wisdom.
  • Exposure of the student to the world of opportunities is made, and outcomes are rectified.